Alliance Benefits

Members receive exclusive benefits such as invitations to participate at NDA events and having their solutions showcased at the new and improved Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Marketplace. There is no cost to join the Enterprise Cloud Alliance.

Program Benefits

  • Increase product awareness and lead generation
  • Participate in Microsoft sales organization events
  • Establish a direct line with Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise team
  • Roadmaps and early disclosures
  • Assistance with landing in the Azure Marketplace
  • Assistance with landing in the upcoming Enterprise Cloud Marketplace
  • Assistance with getting your product certified
  • Access to software bits for major releases and ability to submit bugs for Enterprise Cloud products
  • Access to Microsoft Industry event sponsorship opportunities
  • Access to Microsoft internal event sponsorship opportunities
  • Showcase your organization's Technical and Marketing Materials with our joint story to the Microsoft field
  • Assistance with landing Partner case studies and publishing them on as appropriate
  • PR Quote support as appropriate
  • Plus: Microsoft Partner Network Silver/Gold membership benefits (based on your chosen MPN membership)

By invitation only

  • Meet and Interact with the Microsoft Executives
  • Pre-conference Events – A partner engagement at key Microsoft conferences which has marketing sessions from executives
  • Networking Events – Interact with Microsoft executives and other industry leaders from the Alliance


Eligibility requirements for partners to join the Alliance include:

  • Membership in Microsoft Partner Network
  • Sign Enterprise Cloud Alliance Agreement (ECA) including the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if not in place
  • Must have an actively marketed product or solution available to customers that integrates one of the following
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Microsoft Cortana Analytics
    • Microsoft Azure IoT
    • Microsoft Azure Stack
    • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Microsoft Operations Management Suite
    • Microsoft System Center
    • SQL Server
    • Windows Azure Pack
    • Windows Server
    • Nano Server